How do I connect and upload via FTP with Dreamweaver ?

Step 1:
Open DreamWeaver. Click on Site and choose Manage Sites.

Step 2:
Click the New button and choose Site.

Step 3:
Under the Advanced Tab, fill in the Site name and HTTP Address (your domain name). Click the Remote Info category.

Step 4:
Set Access Type to FTP. The host is your domain name (example: or the IP address of the server. Type public_html as the host directory. Also, type in your username and password and click OK at the bottom. The username will be the 8 character username you received in your sign up confirmation email.

Step 5:
Click Done in the Manage Sites Window.

Step 6:
Now open your website and click Site and choose Put.

Step 7:
Dreamweaver will upload your files to the server.
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