What are some common error codes?

Here is a list of many common error codes:

Succesful Client Requests: 

200 OK 
201 Created 
202 Accepted 
203 Non-Authorative Information 
204 No Content 
205 Reset Content 
206 Partial Content 

Client Request Redirected: 

300 Multiple Choices 
301 Moved Permanently 
302 Moved Temporarily 
303 See Other 
304 Not Modified 
305 Use Proxy 

Client Request Errors: 

400 Bad Request 
401 Authorization Required 
402 Payment Required (not used yet) 
403 Forbidden 
404 Not Found 
405 Method Not Allowed 
406 Not Acceptable (encoding) 
407 Proxy Authentication Required 
408 Request Timed Out 
409 Conflicting Request 
410 Gone 
411 Content Length Required 
412 Precondition Failed 
413 Request Entity Too Long 
414 Request URI Too Long 
415 Unsupported Media Type 

Server Errors: 

500 Internal Server Error 
501 Not Implemented 
502 Bad Gateway 
503 Service Unavailable 
504 Gateway Timeout 
505 HTTP Version Not Supported 

You can  use these error codes to specify your own custom error pages through the .htaccess file. For example, supposing you want a custom page for anyone who experiences an internal server error, you would put this in the .htaccess file: 

ErrorDocument 500 /errorpages/500error.html 

This is of course assuming the file you want displayed is 500error.html located in the /errorpages directory.
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