My email isn't working, please help

Here are some solutions to common email problems that will save you some stress with email.
1. Always double check your password
2. the username would be
3. smtp and pop3 =  or the  IP assigned to you in your setup email
4. make sure SSL / Secured Socket Layer option is not selected
5) Make sure 'my server requires authentication' is CHECKED.
If the above is right proceed to check if actually the email is created in cpanel
(yes, it's true people sometimes miss this oddly .. hehe)
If these don't help:
Login to webmail, check if you can receive and send emails from there.If yes, and your email was working right before, then the problem is either with your ISP or your client is not properly setup. Please double check the first group of solutions to make sure the client is properly setup. 
Yes, it is possible that your client setup that worked yesterday might stop working today and need a little tweak. I know it sounds weird, but it does happen.
If you are unable to send/receive mail with Webmail, please open a ticket and we will look and see what's going on. Make sure you include all relevant information AND any applicable error messages.
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